Looking for Trouble

A Quirky Romantic Mystery

Paperback, 328 pages

Published Aug. 16, 2021 by Ylva Publishing.

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4 stars (1 review)

In this quirky lesbian romantic mystery, a reporter and a party volunteer who can’t stand each other join forces to find the truth behind an ice queen derailing Australia’s weirdest election.

Nancy is sick of living in the share house from hell, getting dumped by women who aren’t that into her, and being stuck in dead-end jobs. It’s time to chase her dream to become a political journalist, get her own funky inner-city Melbourne place, and meet Ms Right.

Instead, she meets cranky George, a butch, tattooed bus driver and party volunteer who’s dodging a vengeful ex-girlfriend. George thinks Nancy is stuck up; Nancy thinks George is the rudest woman she’s ever met.

The warring pair is caught up in the crazy election campaign of Clara West, a maverick running on the bizarre promise to shut down the internet. Rich, sexy, and dangerous, Clara will stop at nothing in the …

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Entertaining mystery with a relatable romance

4 stars

The second Jess Lea I've read and I'll definitely be watching out for more. A feast of tasty red herrings and colurfully suspicious charaters. The romance takes second place to the murder mystery, but it's relatable and engaging and woven into the plot. We listened to the audiobook version read by Cat Gould, who manages a dry, wry tone without sounding uninvolved.