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In order to register here, you must be at least 13 years of age. Personal accounts only. We do not allow bots, commercial, business, organisation or purely promotional accounts. We *may* allow non-personal accounts for an event, community activity etc under limited circumstances but you need to have a regular personal account here in good standing to begin with, and you need to seek permission from us first. No racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia or transphobia. No illegal content, gore or violence for the sake of it, incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies or conspiracy theories. If you share the Christchurch Video or anything similarly deranged, we'll send your details to the cops. This is about the only time we'll volunteer your information to a 3rd party. No NSFW content. A bit of casual swearing is fine, but don't be derogatory or aggressive to other users. Be kind. No abuse or harassment will be tolerated. No doxxing other users. This means unless it is already public knowledge on the server, sharing *any* personal information of other users without their consent to it becoming public information, will be met with account suspension. This includes but is not limited to real names, locations, political or religious affiliations. This also applies the other way around: if you meet someone from here in real life, don't immediately assume everyone else in the room knows who they are. That's not your information to disclose. 14. Content hosted on or produced by its users may not be reused outside of the fediverse without the express permission of the author(s). This means it is against the rules to use content from here in the media, or for research studies without getting the user’s consent first. It is also against the rules to maliciously post screenshots from here on other social media. If you have something to say, join the discussion. 15. complies with copyright laws. We expect you to as well. Your content must be your own or acceptable use, and if someone here is using your content without permission, please let us know @