Sassinak (Planet Pirates, #1)

mass market paperback, 346 pages

English language

Published March 14, 1990 by Baen.

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5 stars (1 review)

Sassinak is a science fiction novel by American writers Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Moon, published by Baen Books in 1990. It is the first book in the Planet Pirates trilogy and continues the Ireta series that McCaffrey initiated with Dinosaur Planet in 1978. McCaffrey wrote the second Planet Pirates book with Jody Lynn Nye, the third with Moon.The novel features the personal battles that Sassinak must wage within herself and the determination she develops to rid the universe of the scourge of piracy. The four parts include her enslavement and schooling, her first assignment, her promotion and her first ship, and the discovery of the Dinosaur Planet and its survivors.

2 editions

Good military space opera

5 stars

Content warning slavery, death of family


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