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Avid reader of anything with meaning. I have a handful of follower only book lists on useless things.

Student Librarian at my institution. Not a fan of bright abnormally sized books.

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quoted Georg Büchner by Georg Büchner (A Norton critical edition)

Georg Büchner: Georg Büchner (2012, W.W. Norton & Company, W. W. Norton & Company) No rating

DANTON No, Julie, I love you like the grave. JULIE (Turning away.) Oh! DANTON No, listen! They say in the grave there is peace, and grave and peace are one. If that's so, then in your lap I'm already lying under the earth. You sweet grave—your lips are funeral bells, your voice my death knell, your breasts my burial mound, and your heart my coffin.

Georg Büchner by  (A Norton critical edition) (Page 24)

This quote at the beginning of Danton's Death is quite something.

Clarice Lispector: Daydream and Drunkenness of a Young Lady (Paperback, 2018) No rating

Three intoxicating tales of three women–their secret desires, fears and madness–from a giant of Brazilian …

Her former youth seemed as strange to her as one of life's illnesses. She had gradually emerged from it to discover that one could also live without happiness: abolishing it, she had found a legion of people, previously invisible, who lived the way a person works – with persistence, continuity, joy.

Daydream and Drunkenness of a Young Lady by  (Penguin Modern Classics, #15) (Page 19)